Sunday School


Class Name Target Audience Literature Studies Teacher
Nursery Birth thru 2 years   Kathy Arnold and Jeannie Pyle
Toddlers 2 and 3 year olds Lifeway Sue Ellen Nidiffer and Emily Russell
Preschool and Kindergarten Pre-School   4 & 5’s Lifeway –Kids Connection Jennifer Carroll and Heather Rutherford
1st and 2nd Grade 1st and 2nd grade Lifeway Sunday School Quentin and Camille Hale
3rd and 4th Grade 3rd and 4th grade Lifeway Sunday School Betty Boshears and Donna Hatmaker
5th & 6th Grade 5th and 6th grade Lifeway Sunday School Millie Christopher
7th & 8th Grade 7th and 8th grade Lifeway Sunday School Jerry Hatmaker
9th and 10th Grade 9th and 10th grade Lifeway Sunday School Teresa Gross
11th & 12th Grade 11th and 12th grade Lifeway Sunday School Larry Nidiffer
College and Career Singles Explore the Bible Jim Valentour
Pairs and Spares All ages Bible Jeff Evans
Route 66 All ages Bible Ray "Fuzzy" Fosdick
Sisters in Christ Women of all ages Lifeway Faye Griffith
Young Couples Young Married Bible Ben Lawson
Mid-Age Married-Mixed Adults Mature Adults Life Words KJV Greg Miller
The Seekers-Mixed Adults Mature Adults Lifeway J. Tom Lawson
Adult Women Senior Citizens-Widows Explore the Bible Betty Glover
Adult Men 1 Mature Men Lifeway Adults Jim Lane
Adult Men 2 Mature Men Lifeway Adults Jim Davis